Samantha Paige was originally diagnosed with thyroid cancer at age 21, spending the majority of her 20’s in and out of emergency rooms, facing crippling PTSD, chronic migraines, and debilitating panic attacks. During that period, she was faced with another diagnosis when she tested positive for the BRCA 1 genetic mutation. Following the birth of her daughter, Samantha began to take forward steps in her life, undergoing a preventive double mastectomy with breast reconstruction and seeking help to unravel the years of trauma. Thus began a period of last cut, or significant decision, making that led her to create a life that felt more like her own. She then asked herself another powerful question- whether or not to remove the silicone implants she had elected with a preventive double mastectomy. Desiring to feel like herself, regardless of the aesthetic outcome, Samantha elected to “go flat” and remove her implants, and since has been speaking publicly about that choice and on navigating life's inevitable challenges and opportunities. 

Now, Samantha’s life's work is to shatter stereotypes and create a new paradigm for our individual potential, guided by the map we all carry inside of ourselves. Through the LAST CUT™ Project, she has established a new positive, action-oriented community and a movement dedicated to inspiring individuals to become more open, connected, risk-taking, inclusive beings that envision a brighter future for themselves and for others. Samantha advocates for and cultivates this conversation on a public-facing platform, speaking at forums including the Girlboss Rally, CYCLES + SEX, Get Lit Literati, and more. She was featured in Equinox's monumental Commit to Something campaign, and on her own Last Cut Conversations podcast has interviewed cultural trailblazers including feminist artist Zoe Buckman; intersex activist Pidgeon Pagonis; Shondaland Editor Gina Mei; the first combat amputee to reach the summit of Mount Everest, Charlie Linville; author Mallika Chopra; and many others.

LAST CUT™ provides interviews, speaking engagements and teaching workshops on:

  • Our own journey to self acceptance: creating a life that feels like your own

  • Body positivity

  • Mental and physical health & wellness

  • How-to: Creating content that helps others heal

  • Learning from and acting on inspiration from younger generations

  • How to bring purpose and insert impact into your everyday life in a way that feels organic and true to you

  • Surviving and thriving in a society that tells you you’re broken



Recent workshops:

Get Lit Literati (February 25, 2018):
“How to Live a Life that Feels Like Your Own”
Using our stories to heal us and to inspire our art

Girls Rock SB Amplify Sleep Away Camp (July 24, 2018):
“Living Within Yourself Outside the Box”
We will consider the key questions that help us become clear on who we are and the steps to create a life lines up our internal and external worlds. We will discuss how to creatively express that truth in order to build clarity, confidence and community. 


Samantha is also available to discuss her proprietary framework and steps for making a “last cut,” including: Disconnect, Questioning, Commitment, Connection, Trust, Embodiment, and Freedom.


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