LAST CUT PROJECT is a multimedia documentary project about those big life decisions—the last cuts—we make to bring us closer to truly living for ourselves.

With your help, we aim to share and amplify stories and the unique voices behind them. We believe we can change the world by deeply listening and viewing it through lenses beyond our own.

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A Note from Our Founder

“After feeling like a stranger in my own life for too long, I learned to regularly ask myself: How can I own my life and make my life my own? One thing that helped answer that question is hearing how others live for themselves.

What matters to you most? Are you living for yourself? What changes did you make to get there? I believe we are all born with our truth. It lives in our bodies. Sometimes we just have to find our way back to it. I believe we find freedom when we identify, honor, and live our deepest inner truths. It is our birthright. We owe it to ourselves to find it. Through sharing our experiences—as I learned after sharing my explant journey—we can help each other get there.


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Samantha Paige

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