Last Cut is a multi-media documentary project about those big life decisions (last cuts) made to bring us closer to living a life that feels like our own. 

After feeling like a stranger in my own life for far too long, I now constantly reflect on the powerful question, "How do I create a life that feels like mine?" 

I want to know what matters most to you and how you live it.

I believe truth is personal. The truth isn’t some monolithic, overarching thing. It lives in the body. We are all born with it. We just have to find our way back to it. It is your inner knowing. It is your underlying driving force and it is different for us all. 

I believe freedom comes when we identify, honor and live by our personal, inner truth. 

What significant decisions {last cuts} have you made to live a more connected life filled with greater wellness, happiness and freedom? A life that feels like your own?

Samantha Paige