LAST CUT by Samantha Paige
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LAST CUT by Samantha Paige

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by Samantha Paige

Have you ever felt like a stranger in your own life? After a cancer diagnosis at age 21 and many subsequent experiences lived from a place of fear and anxiety, author Samantha Paige did for far too long. Over time, she learned to regularly ask herself: "How can I own my life and make my life my own?” By taking time for honest introspection and acknowledging these moments of disconnect, she began to make some significant decisions, or last cuts, to create a life with greater congruence between her inner and outer worlds. Through her own process of healing, Paige outlined seven universal steps to the last cut process. In LAST CUT, she vulnerably shares from her own story and frames these phases of self-discovery and growth in a clear framework so that anyone facing a moment of questioning within their own lives can relate to a shared journey.

About Lisa Field, Last Cut Photographer

Lisa Field is a photographer and writer in service to beauty and connection. Her work has been featured in online and print publications, galleries and private collections. Lisa believes that being present with the totality of the human experience, the All and Everything, is the doorway to the freedom we seek, and she strives to capture that essence in her words and images. In addition to Last Cut, Lisa is currently providing photography for private clients and working on two books, one of which, Doorways Traveler, is an extension of her well-loved blog. Lisa can be found at



The pages ahead are of courageously raw exposure that leads you back to questioning your own Soul’s deepest desires. Samantha’s powerful journey breathes bravery and inspires freedom within to live your radical truth and awaken your own last cut.
— Susan Nichols, Founder of Yogitoes
Samantha Paige’s book, Last Cut, is a courageous revelation. Where do we go to hear honest testimony about what it is encounter the things that scare us most, that cause us to reveal ourselves at our most vulnerable? These are the moments we try to hide, but Samantha Paige goes in. She brutally lifts the blinds and shines a light on the moments, “these last cuts,” where self is forced to encounter the very thing it has been scared of most.

It causes you to reflect, what is your “last cut?” What was the situation that caused your safe self to encounter your real one? And what was the result? How did you change? Were you transformed? Last Cut takes us through Samantha’s own journey, both through story and visually aided by the beautiful photography of Lisa Field. The result is shocking, breathtaking, and ultimately liberating. She and others who are quoted in the book have left the expectations of society behind. They are canaries in the coal mine letting us know about the life that awaits us when we dare to step off the well-worn track and follow our own voices. And there, there is freedom, there is love, there is hard won victory, and a ton of compassion for those of us still hiding and afraid.

This book sets you free.
— Diane Luby Lane, Founder and Director of Get Lit - Words Ignite