My dear friend, Susan Nichols, is one of those individuals who exemplifies #lastcutliving to the fullest. The founder and former CEO of Yogitoes and the creator of New Hippie, a platform that shares people, places and things aligning with the intelligence of nature, collectively creating a New Earth, Susan is a brilliant visionary, inventor and advocate for the planet. She is the Queen of eco-conscious living, and lives her pro-Mother Earth values in exemplary fashion. Whenever I want to know what is the most earth loving way to do something, I turn to Susan for her expertise. She does not cut corners in this realm. You will never hear or see Susan grab a plastic straw, styrofoam cup or plastic bag, offering "just this once," because it is more convenient. Her ongoing dedication to the planet is why she was my first choice for this special Earth Day interview. Below are Susan's insights on the environment, global warming, tips for greener living and inspiration to make the permanent switch from disposable to reusable. Thank you, Susan! 

Who are you?

I am an emissary for Earth, nature, Women’s rights and our children’s future.

What do you do? What is New Hippie?

I invent, create and design sustainable products from how I live and see the World. New Hippie is currently a lifestyle blog sharing stories of people, places and things who live with the intelligence of nature.

When did you know you were here to be a voice for Mother Earth? 

When I was five, I was at the beach with my family, and this man was leaving a 7-Eleven cup and straw behind. I went and picked it up. I then yelled out,  “Excuse me! You left this behind, and it will go into the ocean if you don’t through it away.” I remember my Mom looking at me with a smile.  I would say that is the first time I used my voice for Mother Earth.

How do you personally live in sync with the Earth?

I feel when we are in sync with ourselves, we are in sync with Earth.  She’s not separate from us.  From my thoughts, words, and actions to picking up trash I see when I go to the beach, or moving road kill from the middle of the road to a safe place, so another animal won’t get killed trying to get its meal, it is all connected.  I eat clean. I know where my food comes from.  I buy local.  Little things from the way I grocery shop plastic free to when brushing my teeth, I turn off the water in between rinsing.  I grow most of my vegetables, because I can. I compost. I do my best not to live a single use, disposable life style.  It’s a balance. All of our little actions add up.  

Why do we need to stop asking if global warming is a real thing?  

People who still ask need to watch these documentaries:  “Before the Flood” and  “An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth To Power." 

Why does the Earth need us to make changes?

Because there are 7.6 billion people and growing.

What are the top three things you think everyone should be doing to support the Earth?   

1. Be mindful of every purchase you make. Understand what your money is supporting.  

2. Understand that your thoughts, words and actions have a cause and effect, positive and negative.

3. Get to know your neighbor. Be a part of your community and support each other. Be a good person.

You embody your beliefs in a profound way. You walk the talk with eco-consciousness. What was the tipping point for you and this way of life?

When I had launched my first company, I created with the intention of sustainable economic development, social responsibility and a stewardship of the environment.   

What are your favorite sources for learning more about eco-living, Earth friendly practices and the environment?

Actually, this is one point that I love social media for, because there are so many positive sources to follow. Bea Johnson who has @zerowastehome. There are so many non-profit organizations like Plastic Pollution Coalition and 5-Gyres.    Search the hash tag "eco living” and it’s at your finger tips. 



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Samantha Paige & Lisa Field