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Last cuts are often inside jobs, but they do not need to be made in isolation. There is something powerful that transpires when we vocalize and share our stories of growth and transformation. We often can source deeper strength and build broader community when we vulnerably tell our tales. Here, with the Last Cut Project’s Storytellers Platform, we desire to share stories and amplify the voices behind them.

We see you. We honor you. We look forward to hearing from you.
— Samantha Paige & the Last Cut Project team


  • all ages + identities are welcome and encouraged to share first-person stories about a significant moment of (or need for) change in your life

  • 150-300 words maximum (reach out if you’d like to submit a longer piece)

  • please include a snapshot of your first name handwritten in your style in black ink on a white background (first name only, don’t worry about legibility—it’s about capturing the feeling of you on the post)

  • please include at least 2 image options (see attached references + inspiration):

    > 1) a mirror selfie (camera or phone can be visible) and/or a 2) snapshot of a meaningful space or landscape

    >> please try to shoot in daylight or window lighting (though bathrooms can work, too!)

    >> please do not overtly edit/retouch your image(s). authenticity (as much as we can have on social media!) is key.

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