LAST CUT PROJECT is committed to working towards a world in which all individuals, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, ability, sexuality, age, or geography, have access to information and resources that support informed, safe health care and in which all people have equitable protection and freedoms in all realms of life.

Our mission is to curate a beautiful space where truth meets art and action. In all aspects, from our team to the stories we seek and share, Last Cut Project celebrates our differences—racial, ethnic, cultural, age, ability, gender, sexual orientation, geographical, and beyond, seeking to amplify underrepresented voices.

We believe by sharing our personal stories of last cuts, we can advance the revolution we wish to see within ourselves and in the world.

If you have any questions or would like to know more about LCP’s mission, don’t hesitate to contact hello@lastcutproject.com


our values



By encouraging ourselves and each other to radically and authentically own, embrace and share our uniqueness, in concept and practice, we can cultivate deeper acceptance and freedom within and around us. We reject the oppressive and damaging notions of homogenous beauty, success and worth, as prescribed by society, and celebrate the many identities, skin tones, shapes, backgrounds, beliefs and goals that make each of us who we are.


We uphold that there is no singular, universal Truth with a capital “T,” but rather infinite truths that live within us. By constantly asking ourselves and each other pointed questions and engaging deeply with the answers, we are better equipped to traverse this wild thing called life. We acknowledge and respect the breadth of truths from people of all experiences, identities, and backgrounds.


We started this project and remain engaged with it through our vision that growth unfolds when we hold ourselves accountable to honest personal and collective introspection and dialogue. Growth is vulnerable and edgy, but is the place where profound beauty blossoms and impactful change emerges. We support others, especially underrepresented voices and communities, in their expression and efforts towards individual and community transformation.


Art is good medicine. We all have different ways of transforming our internal landscape into a tangible expression of a lived experience. Creativity offers an outlet, a means to connect and collaborate, a beauty that is welcomed and a language for conversations that can often be challenging to begin.



As humans, we are full spectrum beings. When we are transparent about our real experiences, we are able to be more present with ourselves and others. We heal and connect in the raw space. We do not subscribe to a hierarchy of emotions but believe in the reality of a layered human existence. We recognize that honest sharing requires a tremendous and varied amount of risk and bravery, depending on a person’s identity and location, and work to offer a brave space for raw, vulnerable exchange for all.